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Written by The Canadian Gambler   

Canadian Online Video Poker - Play Poker with Confidence

The brilliant thing about playing online video poker is the game is man against machine.

This game appeals greatly to people who want to play poker in an electronic format, but not necessarily against real opponents. When you play online casino for real money and you play this game, there is also a definite element of skill involved in playing which can help develop better poker playing skills and strategy too.

Video poker is found at all the best online casinos, it is a popular game and good money can be won for playing with optimal strategy. Each variation online video poker game has an expected strategy to win and this is generally outlined in the pay tables of the game. If you are exceptionally lucky you may even find Canadian online casinos that will allow you a free trial of the game and at one site I happened to find the game had a correction feature which told you why the move made was not optimal. Would that I could remember this site, because I always refer to it when I write about online video poker, but for some silly reason I forget where it was.

If there is one online casino which offers this type of video poker game, you can be pretty darn sure there will be another, and it is a great learning tool as well as a really cool feature. Online casino games respond fast to the demands of a highly aggressive marketplace and video poker is hugely in demand. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and new games at real money online casinos are available monthly, if not weekly with some software companies.

There are sites online which can guide you for all your online casino gambling needs, and this is what our site was designed for. If in doubt always refer back to as playing with confidence at Canadian online casinos comes quickly when playing at a site that is native to the country where you live. This is one scenario in which familiarity does not breed contempt.

Online video poker is not a slots game and because some skill and strategy is used to win, it takes a little thought to play. Most games are based on the principle of Jacks or Better and you will also find games which allow for wild card play. Generally the name of the game will tell you what the wild card is, and this is often popularly Aces or Deuces. There are these games available where up to as many as ten hands may be played simultaneously, and obviously these are for the people who are the most familiar with playing at online casinos and in particular, playing video poker.

Your favorite online casino in Canada should offer a good selection of video poker games for you to choose from, and like we always say; the more the merrier! Video poker is generally classified in its own section at the online casino and this makes the games simple to find.

Last Updated on Friday, August 20 2010 15:28

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