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Online Baccarat for Canadian Players

About baccarat in Canada and where to play baccarat game online.

Baccarat it the name of the game that 007 Bond (James Bond) plays and if you have seen the film "Indecent Proposal" with Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson, this is the first game Demi Moore plays for Robert Redford and loses. Since the advent of online casino gambling, baccarat has been played more popularly than ever before. This is chiefly because it is an easy game, but players did not realize this until it became available online.

Canadian online casinos offer online baccarat, just like any other casino would. It is a highly recommended game to play because it offers some of the best odds in the house. Not all real money online casinos offered this game in the beginning, but now they certainly do.

Because online baccarat has such a low house edge it makes it the perfect game to play online casino for real money. It is easy to learn and even master and it is the kind of game you will find at the best online casinos for Canadian as well as international players. Learning to play online, means you are able to walk into any casino in the world, sit down at a baccarat table and play. In fact many people who are planning a holiday at a casino resort, learn to play all kinds of games at online casinos.

In the past baccarat was believed to be the game of the "elite", but this is really not true. It was however kept sectioned off from the rest of the games, behind velvet ropes. This can be very intimidating for normal players, but as you can imagine, this does not happen in an online casino Canada. Online Baccarat has become a game that anyone and everyone enjoys, and this is probably because it is simple, offers good odds of winning and this makes it good fun to play. You don't have to be a high roller to play it, but you can grind away a tidy little profit.

There are a couple of different variations of online baccarat and you may find "En Banque" or "Chermin de Fer". Being a Canadian online casinos player these French names shouldn't phase you at all. Basically two hands are dealt, one to the player, the other to the dealer and the rest of the table bets on who will win, with each player taking their turn with a hand. There are only three bets; on whether the player or the dealer will win, or if it will be a tie.

The hand that is closest to the number nine wins and that is the end of that hand. There is not a lot of skill, strategy or variety to the game of online baccarat, like we said, it is simple. Simply find the Canadian online casinos you like and give the game a try. Many casinos offer instructions and rules, so you will soon pick up how to play. Some will even allow you to play for free for a while until you feel confident enough to tackle real money online casinos.

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